Enrollment Information

Enrollment Age: Preschool: 3 years by school cut-off date in your school district. Pre-K: 4 years by school cut-off date in your school district. All children must be potty trained and those in Pre-K must have intentions to attend Kindergarten the following school year.

A child is considered to be enrolled at Hope Lutheran Preschool only after the Registration Form has been received, the registration fee has been paid, and the administrator confirms the availability of space. Any changes of address, phone number, or any other enrollment information must be communicated to the office immediately so that current information is always on file. Custody papers, if any, need to be on file in the office.

In addition to our registration form, the following forms are required by the state of Ohio and can be found on the forms page:

  1. Child Medical Statement: (ODJFS #01305) 
  2. Child Enrollment and Health Information Form: (ODJFS 01234) 
  3. Video, Picture, Website, and Church Property Permission Form
  4. Pick-Up Permission Form

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